Our Mission & Vision

The  mission  of Endurance Ministries is to highlight explicit
end-time Bible data as it relates to  current  cultural affairs.
We use multiple venues (Internet, radio, book and live
presentations) so as to reach as many as possible, all in
the context of Gospel and Discipleship ministries unto
YHVH / YHWH  God’s glory and praise.
The  vision  of Endurance Ministries is to help folks become
better prepared for the soon-coming  end of days  just before
Jesus Christ’s Second Advent.

Leadership Team:

Our leadership team includes our board members, ATM
counselors  and  our prayer team, all of whom work with
our field director, Jon Swanson.  Bio  here.

What we believe:

The Word of God – the 66 books of the Bible – is our
authority for faith/doctrine and practice.  Please see
additional details by  clicking here.  If it’s a  doctrinal 
statement  you’re looking for, please  click here.